Sustainability Statement

With the emergence of the prominent global trend of sustainable practices and sustainability reporting being undertaken by conscientious local organisations, TRC Synergy Berhad (“the Company”) and its group of companies (“the Group”) similarly aspires to manifest the inspirational values described in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) alongside its operational performance.

The Group therefore aims to adopt a holistic approach in relation to its activities and development, taking into consideration the economic, environmental, and social sustainability risks and opportunities in association with its financial implications.

Thus far, the Group has initiated the requisite steps to raising awareness and understanding of the concept of sustainability amongst its Senior Management and the necessity to gradually shift their mindset and focus in implementing sustainable practices within the Group’s business activities.

The Group has also embraced sustainability principles in formulating and executing its business strategies based on sustainable long-term growth and continuity. We hope to extend our momentum of success and in acknowledging that the landscape of the construction industry is now inclining towards environmental and social sustainability on top of consistent economic performance, we have turned our attention to doing our part to contribute positively to a brighter future.

Sustainability Statement